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  • Barbara Lorick

6 ways to create balance

I had to firm up boundaries , set priorities, delegate and reduce clutter. when I did that It gave me space to improve my life and resist things that caused me stress..

  • Get enough rest

So many things interfere with our ability to get a good nights rest. Sometimes anxiety can keep us awake, other times adopting bad habits like not turning the tv off at night, sleeping with my computer in bed, not silencing my cell phone and not preparing for bed at a decent hour. Oh well, at lease I stopped consuming caffeine after lunch and reduced my intake of sugar and refined carbs. Tip don't eat after 7pm if you have a hard time getting to sleep at night. Try dimming the lights if all else fails.

  • Build Resilience

Resilience is the ability of an object or thing to return to its original shape after being pulled or stretched. A rubber ball may not be as strong as a hard ball but is far more resilient its easier for a rubber ball to bounce back. Being able to deal with changes, disappointment and adversity is central to being resilient. not knowing the unknown can be scary, but learning how to adapt and go with the flow can help build resilience.

  • Appreciate being in the moment

Be aware of your surroundings, be mindful focus on the present. I try not to dwell on the past or over think the future. I had to train myself to focus on one task at a time multitasking is a thing in the past. I often had certain expectations of how life should treat me like meeting new people, starting a new relationship, buying a lottery ticket or receiving a Christmas gift. The problem is sometimes people or events often fail to meet our expectations and when this happen we often feel disappointed or even depressed. I found expectations are wishful thinking that distract me from being in the moment.

  • Learn to laugh at silly things

Have you heard the phrase laughter is medicine Laughter can have powerful effects on both physical and mental health, some studies show laughter is good for the heart and increases blood circulation. it decreases tension and encourages healthy breathing. having a good laugh can promote significant reductions in hormone and stress related neurotransmitters in the brain.

  • Deal with negative emotions

Some people call this emotional baggage these are pass hurts, feelings of a negative experiences, trauma, unfairness or put-downs that effect my behavior and attitude it becomes a continuous play back in my mind oh I didn't speak up, should of could of done something different. Holding on to negative emotions, hurt feelings can reap havoc on our health depleting our bodies from micronutrients needed to stay healthy.

  • Build healthy relationships

Studies show many people have trouble building and maintaining healthy relationships. building a healthy relationship takes time, effort and consistency. Some studies indicate if we follow simple concepts when talking and listening to people be respectful, seek to understand rather than persuade , don't judge, offer opinions, be authentic and honest .

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